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I am an aesthetic groupie! I love to pay homage to all things that inspire and delight me as I move through my day. Anything delectable to the eyes, mood, touch, palate, and of course… the imagination is worth a moment of appreciation to elevate the spirit and joie de vivre!

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All the design inspirations,”fashion-astions” and lifestyle ruminations continually flow and have kept me creatively engaged for most of my life. I like to “make some magic” every day…for myself, my family, friends and clients. I regularly design, garden, entertain, cook, photograph, blog, create art in all forms, etc…if I am inspired…I am all in! I have been featured in multiple design magazines, a few shops, and in the gardens and homes of people I enjoy!

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I’m available for a North Shore of Chicago clientele for interior and landscape design and consultation as well as “soirée” planning and floral design. I also design jewelry and art that is available for sale. Please feel free to contact Emily at ruedeemily@gmail.com, or by visiting the “contact” page.

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My girlfriend’s reaction as she walked into the scene was what every party planner (and girlfriend) wants to see…she was completely surprised, speechless and moved to tears…she was so touched by the setting


Right after Thanksgiving…I launch the Christmas season in my spaces! First- I LOVE IT and I really like the mood it puts me in…and secondly, since it is so much work…I want to enjoy it for a solid four weeks before taking it all down on New Year’s Day.


Well this was the year…not only can I not believe I have a “driving” sixteen year old but I can’t believe this party which took so much prep and planning is now a memory….


From the viburnum in early Spring to the profusion of lilacs in the last two weeks the smells are incredible! We have already had a few wonderful days and nights in this spot and are looking forward to many more this Summer…


As many of you may remember Better Homes and Gardens visited last January to capture Christmas “Rue de Emily” style…well, I saw the issue for the first time today and I thought I would share some of the pictures for those of you who don’t subscribe to BH&G.


hopefully year after year…I will be able to look back at these pictures which confirm that life is beautiful…at any age…it’s all about making magic…whenever you get the chance!


 We had custom built-ins created for our downstairs living spaces so it needed to move.. at that time…not willing to part with it…because it provided such great storage… I stuck it in our bedroom, repainted it and it held our television and bed linens…but from a design standpoint I knew the room could do better…


I just loved the way everything in the shelves “popped” with the black background but it was QUITE the dramatic change…and I had to get used to it…I sort of opened “Pandora’s Box” if you will…which sometimes happens in design…but always seems to get you to the right end…IN THE END…